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1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Akhun Caddesi No: 4 Sincan / / ANKARA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 312 354 4045
Hall: 3
Stand: 304B
Product Groups
  • Waste facilities and environmental management equipment
  • Tunnel shaft and gallery machinery and equipment
  • Human and material conveying systems
  • Excavation machinery and equipment
  • Loading machinery and equipment
  • Conveying machinery and equipment
  • Crushing machinery and equipment
  • Milling machinery and equipment
  • Screening machinery and equipment
  • Sorting machinery and equipment
  • Density-jigging machinery and equipment
  • Magnetic jigging machinery and equipment
  • Chemical enrichment materials and equipment
  • Washing Drying and Cooling Machinery and Equipment
  • Open Pit and Underground Mining

Our firm has reached institutional identity under the title of Akkayalar Machine Industry and Trade Limited Company on 14 March 1997 in two partners with the decision of family taken following establishment as family firm in 1987, continues its way on conveyor sector. Our foundation objective is to manufacture conveyor transport systems we call as transmission and conveyor with belt or without belt, used in bulk transport industry and to produce roller, idler, drum pulleys belonging to these and to market these to end users , engineering firms and machine producers at home and abroad. Raising our market share to the highest level by giving particular importance to quality at home and abroad with its technologic equipment pool suitable for production with sense of management, conscious and expert staff has been our target as firm and will sustain in this way. Akkayalar Conveyor works on conveyor equipment (conveyor spare parts ) used in bulk handling industry since its establishment. AKKAYALAR conveyor being market leader across Turkey today Works with leading Equipment Manufacturers, Engineering Firms and End user groups at national and international scale on this field. We export all our productions to the world , especially the Middle East and Europe. Akkayalar Conveyor manufactures drums, roller chassis, rollers bearing parts of conveyor used in bulk handling industry and are also parts manufacturers incorporating auxiliary components such as bearing shells, rubber disks fitted on side, medium bracket of chassis, connection parts, conic tightening clamps which connects drum shafts to flange. Akkayalar Conveyor is one of the conveyor manufacturer in Turkey and has been exporting conveyor spare parts to many countries especially Middle East and Europe. Akkayalar Conveyor does not launch another manufacturing work excluding conveyor system, prefers to focus on production of parts. This preference provides we add value to small or big scaled conveyor producers, system engineer or real end users in theirs fields and in our market. Yılmaz AKKAYA General Manager

100% Water and Dust Resistant Nitrile Sealed Special Conveyor Roller

100% Water and Dust Resistant Nitrile Sealed Special Roller is a patented product of Akkayalar Conveyor.100% Water and Dust Resistant Nitrile Sealed Special Roll


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Vulcanized Rubber Coated Conveyor Drum

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Ceralite Ceramic Coated Drum

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