Golden Age of Mining Sector

Great Interest to Maning Turkey 2018 Continue
Mining Turkey 2018, 8th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipments and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair which will be held between December 13-16, 2018 contnue to attract great attention from its exhibitors. The fair which hosted 392 companie from 34 countries, comlited 85% of its sales now. 

The Golden Age of Maning Sector
The reason why mining products are amongst those with highest added value is that mining sector gain favor for national economy. Turkey which has the richest mining site and the syrategic geopolitical position connecting Europe and Asia Continent, has needed potential to reach the success in mining sector. Turkey’s route to achieve its target for the coming 50 year  will be through effective mining activities with its high potential in mining. 

The development of our country, economic progress and expansion of wealth level throuht the country are related to the processing of mines. Mining sector can carry one step further by a valuable strategic plan and encouragement. From this point of view, Turkey aim to put mining potential to good use by more valuable way with the study and law in mining sector.

Base of Marketing and Sales: Mining Turkey 2018
Having hosted 40.416 local and foreign visitors along with 1.969 exhibitors from more than 30 countries since 2004 and being most suitable marketing and sales platform Mining Turkey Fair is now ready to rally the industry for the 8th time. 

With the big trading volume creating by the fair, Mining Turkey fair offers the suitable platform for presantion of potantial in national and international mining arena. Behind the success of 2016, Mining Turkey Fair aims to enlarge it in 2018.

As last years, the exhibitors of Mining Turkey took your place and the 85% of sales complited. The exhibitors who want to put potantial to good use and keep pace with changes, are one step ahead to 2018. All who want to keep oneself up-to-date with the latet developments can augment the productivity in mining sector, wiil league together at Mining Turkey 2018 Fair. Take your place, don’t be late.