Mining Turkey 2021 Meeting Point Of Business Contacts

Mining Turkey Fair, the most comprehensive fair of the industry, met with its exhibitors and visitors for the 9th time. Tuyap Fair Organization Production Co. Inc. and YMGV, brought together 409 exhibitors and 11.488 visitors for 4 days, laying the groundwork for important business connections.
Mining Turkey 2021 has opened its doors on December 9, with the opening speeches delivered by the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Prof. Dr. Şeref Kalaycı, the President of Turkish Mining Development Foundation, Prof. Dr. Güven Önal, the Chairman of the Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association, Aydın Dinçer, the Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly, İsmail Gülle, and the Chairperson of the the Executive Board of TÜYAP, Zeynep Ünal Öztop.
"The automation and clean energy revolution will affect the mining industry"
In his speech at the opening, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Prof. Dr. Şeref Kalaycı, underlined how the mining industry has developed from a previously labour-intensive industry into one of the industries where mechanization is intensely used, following the introduction of the automation process and said, “It is time for us to initiate unmanned mining projects as part of the domestic technology move. Another issue we need to focus on is clean energy. Automation and clean energy revolution will be two important factors that will affect the mining industry in the near future.  Kalaycı said, “Mining industry has a strong potential to create employment and it is a sector that prevents unemployment and migration. Mining, which provides input to industry, agriculture and energy, must be done with an effective planning and control. Unfortunately, the share of the industry within the GNP is around 1 percent… We have to increase this rate. Our basic approach should be to turn our mines into products, instead of putting them into operation with the motto of 'People first, then comes the environment and mining' and importing them in the form of raw materials. The industry needs to focus on the automation and clean energy revolution with the pandemic. We see that fewer people and more machines come forward for more mineral production. We come across visions of unmanned mines around the world. We see that this process continues its development by going through different stages. It is imperative that we conduct efficient studies in collaboration with the OIZ (Organized Industrial Zone) cluster, important universities and mechatronics departments. We should plan on running the machine more while increasing production per worker. We should regard this as a strategy of digitalization and automation in mines. We should combine mining with automation and focus on clean energy. With the clean energy revolution, we will have to produce many more minerals. We will need to produce 20 to 30 times more copper, aluminum, lithium and other commodities. We need to integrate these issues into such organizations."
“Turkey has strengthened its position as the trade center of the Eurasian region”
Stating that they are very happy to bring together the representatives of the mining industry under the same roof for the 9th time, Zeynep Ünal Öztop, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Tüyap Fair Group, added, “As the Tüyap family, we have managed to overcome the difficulties encountered during the pandemic, with more than 500 teammates, our 42 years of experience and the support of the professional organizations we have been cooperating with. Since August, we have hosted 27 fairs without any interruptions in our fair calendar. In comparison to the global fair industry, the fair sector has recovered rapidly, especially when compared to the European Union countries. With the fairs we organized, we have observed that Turkey maintains its position as the leading trade center of the Eurasian region and even gets stronger. Today, we are hosting 529 exhibitor companies and company representatives from 27 countries at our fair, which is eagerly awaited by the representatives of the mining industry. At the fair in 2018, this number was 448. The number of countries that registered as visitors has increased this year by 24 percent, from 69 to 91. Our fair continues its steady growth in terms of both company diversity and geographical diversity it comes into contact with. This year, unlike previous years, we will further expand the scope of our fair with our Business Connect Program. All these data show that the heart of the global mining industry will beat at our fair for 4 days. As Tüyap, we already feel the rightful pride of the successful results we will achieve."
“Our fairs will bring sustainability to our exports”
President of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), İsmail Gülle pointed out that after 2020, which passed with the pandemic, 2021 provided an unforgettable period for the economy with its achievements in exports, and said, “We have made 2021 an unforgettable year by breaking export records in this period. The export family has become the hope and pride of Turkey. Turkey has received the reward for not disrupting its production and exports. In November, we have reached the figures of USD 21.5 billion. With the latest figures we have obtained, we have seen that our export level is at around USD 25 billion. Achieving sustainability in this regard is highly important for our country. We set a target of USD 300 billion in 2026. Indicators show that we will push this to 2025. This success can be continued through our fairs, such as Mining Turkey Fair. In addition to our physical fairs, we will also continue this process via our digital applications at our fairs. We are a very rich country in the field of mining. We own 60 of the 90 mineral wealths. When we process these mines in a richer way and turn them into value-added products, we will also support our exports. As the 4th country in the world in marble, we must continue our export activities by increasing the added value. Now, the most important thing in mining is to increase the kilogram value of our millions of tons of exports. When we increase the kilogram value from $1.45 to $2, we will reach an annual figure of USD 300 billion. We believe that the mining fair will help us achieve this goal."
“It will offer an insight into the mining industry”
Emphasizing that Mining Turkey 2021 Fair has successfully continued its development by increasing the number of exhibitors and visitors, as well as its geographical diversity, Prof. Dr. Güven Önal said, “Today, despite the pandemic conditions, we have a fair with a high number of participants. The rise in the foreign exchange rates requires us to attach more importance to mining activities. We have to mobilize our own resources. In this respect, I believe that the fair will offer a great insight into the mining activities.”
Meeting point of business contacts
Bringing together industry stakeholders, manufacturers, non-governmental organizations, relevant ministries and their affiliates, universities, sectoral press and professional visitors, Mining Turkey 2021 Fair will offer advantages to its participants and visitors in many respects. The fair, which steadily increases the number of visitors and exhibitors every year it takes place, will introduce exhibitors and visitors to the power of digital technology this year.
Bringing together industry stakeholders, manufacturers, non-governmental organizations, relevant ministries and their affiliates, universities, sectoral press and professional visitors, Mining Turkey Fair steadily increases the number of visitors and participants every year. While 95% of the visitors left the fair satisfied, 83% stated that they would like to visit again, 76% stated that they would recommend it to business circles.