“Mining Türkiye Fair”, the Most Comprehensive Fair of the Mining Industry Prepares to Be the Industry-Preferred Event of 2024

Preparations are on the way for the Fair that will gather the entire mining industry for the 11th time at Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center on 02-05 May, 2024.

 Mining Türkiye Fair witnesses the current status of the developments in mining industry in line with technological developments and comes to fore with its wide scope. This Fair gathers under a single roof and offers opportunities to potential purchasers in a myriad of fields as selection, definition, and determination of the mine site, preparation of the surrounding areas and work sites of the mine site, ore extraction, ore preparation and enrichment machinery, equipment as well as auxiliary machinery, equipment, materials, and services required for such activities. The visitors of the Fair will be able to consider the entire products and services manufactured by national and international firms for mining activities, and find the most appropriate partners.
Mining Türkiye Fair prepares to gather the mining sector representatives in 2024, as was the case in previous years. International Mining, Tunnel Construction, Machinery Equipment and Construction Equipment Fair intends to build on past successes in 2022, address to a larger audience of participants and visitors, and continue to grow steadily in 2024. Representatives of the sector will meet again at Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center on 02-05 May, 2024.

Mining Türkiye Fair Made an Indelible Impression Back in 2022

Mining Türkiye Fair 2022 hosted 18.612 professional visitors from 77 countries and 638 participating firms and firm agents from 35 countries. Carrying on its long-standing and steady growth in 2022, the number of participants increased by 55% and that of visitors increased by 62% in the Fair. Visitors from 77 countries met with the mining industry leaders at Mining Türkiye Fair 2022, marking a 65% increase in the number of participants. The Fair also attracted attention from international visitors and is preferred mostly by professionals across the globe. It is expected that the Fair will gather over 700 participant firms and 25 thousand professional visitors in 2024.
The Fair held in 2022 made a mark as it was largely appreciated by the participants and visitors. 97% of the visitors was satisfied with the Fair, while 86% say they would be revisiting the Fair, while 90% recommend the Fair to the business cycles. The Fair also received a large appreciation in respect of participant satisfaction as 88% of the participants noted they were contented with the Fair, whereas 87% intend to partake in the Fair again in the future and 94% of the participants recommend the Fair to the business cycles. Mining Türkiye Fair gathers participating firms from 5 different continents and will serve as the meeting point of business networks by convening participants and visitors in 2024.

The Fair Continues to Grow with the Addition of New Participants as Former Participants Leave Satisfied!

The 55% increase in the number of participants in 2022 has led to the continual growth of the participants at Mining Türkiye Fair. The participants note that the fair is extremely efficient as it fits their purpose of participating. 79% of the participants note that they have strengthened their business connections via the Fair, whereas 61% add that they acquired new customers at the international market and 73% of the participants obtained new customers inside of Türkiye, 83% stress that the fair helps boost company’s image, and 90% note that their companies find opportunities to further grow the corporate capacity. Mining Türkiye Fair aims at adding new firms amongst its participants in the future events, and thus offering a fair environment to the participants and visitors befitting their expectations.

What Does Mining Türkiye Fair Offer the Participants?

Mining Türkiye, the most comprehensive fair of the mining industry:
• Provides the opportunity to directly access to the newest machinery and equipment of the mining industry,
• Assumes an intermediary role in firms penetrating to the international market,
• Provides the participants with to engage in networking opportunities with industrial stakeholders from across different regions,
• Offers the mining industry the opportunity to get to know the products and services of the mining world,
• Helps to find alternative solutions regarding procurement of raw materials.
Visitors and participants from four corners of the world are expected to gather in Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center of Istanbul in 2024 notably from countries like the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, France, Taiwan, Australia, Romania, Poland, Canada, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Greece, and Italy.

Let us meet at Mining Fair Türkiye on 02-05 May, 2024 to closely follow the developments of the mining sector and meet with the leaders of the mining industry.