The Most Comprehensive Fair in the Mining Industry

The Most Comprehensive Fair in the Mining Industry, Again at the Tüyap Fair and
Exhibition Center on its New Date
Mining Turkey, Turkey's most comprehensive fair in the mining industry, will continue to bring the industry together on its new date at the International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Fair. The fair which will be held in Tüyap Fair and Exhibition Center, Istanbul between December 9-12, 2021 will continue to be an important trade platform that brings together all domestic and foreign stakeholders in the industry.
The Mining Industry Declared as a Critical Industry!
The mining industry was declared as a critical industry for Turkey like many other countries during the Pandemic in the Mining Council Workshop teleconference attended by Fatih Dönmez, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. The ministry introduced support and incentive mechanisms to continue operations. This support played a vital role in the continuation of production in mining as well as in other sub-industries. Dönmez stated: “At the end of November, exports loss was only 4% compared to the previous year. As of November 2020, a total of 25 million tons of mineral products were exported, excluding gold. Thus, 2019 was almost caught in mining exports. In the first half of the year, the amount of exports decreased and the performance of the industry reached last year in the second half of the year."
Mining Assets to Become an Economic Leverage for 2021
Turkey ranks 10th among 132 countries in the global mineral diversity, with 60 varieties of 90 global commercial mining products and minerals produced in Turkey. The annual production value of the Turkish mining industry is 37.2 billion Turkish liras since 2018, with a total mining reserve value of $4 trillion.
The output obtained in the mining industry is very important in the industrial production of countries with many industries using such output as raw material. With its contribution to industrial production, the mining industry also acts as a leverage in countries' economies. Turkey is one of the most important countries with its mining assets.
Mining Turkey Fair, A Gate to New Markets
Given that mining contributes greatly to the development of countries, Mining Turkey Fair has been organized since 2004 to contribute to the development and growth of the industry. The fair is a commercial platform that combines all machinery and equipment used in exploration, mining, mineral processing, and dressing processes with its extensive scope.
Mining Turkey Fair aims to provide a more productive exhibition experience for participants and visitors by keeping up with the current conditions and demonstrates its success once again at every fair. This year, it will continue to be the most efficient trading platform by bringing together buyers and sellers. The fair will enable the participants to open up to new markets and expand their existing markets. It will also shed light on the future of the mining industry with its opportunities and will once again show the world that the path to the strong industry is through strong fair.
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