Scope of the Mining Turkey Fair

Topographical Measuring Equipment
Geophysical Survey Equipment
Prospection and Geological Survey Equipment
Satellite Communication and Remote Control Systems
Drilling Machinery and Equipment
Blasting Equipment and Accessories
Excavation – Haulage Machinery and Equipment
Shaft Sinking and Hoisting Systems
Mineral Processing Machinery and Equipment
Heavy Duty Vehicles
Tunnel Boring Machines and Equipment
Tunnel Scada Management Systems
Asphalt Construction Machinery and Equipment
Traffic Management Infrastructure, Road Safety and Parking Systems
Geotechnical Parts & Technologies
Monitoring and Communication Systems
Gas Measurement and Safety Devices
Natural Stones Extraction Machines and Processing
Systems Chemical, Mineralogical and Petrographical Analysis Equipments
Open Pit and Underground Mining Projects Enviromental Management and Related Devices
Logistics Service Providers
Technical Consultancy Services
Finance and Legal Services
Software Services
Non-Governmental Organizations